WordCamp is Over. What’s Next?

WordCamp PDX 2015 is over and the story is just beginning.

If you haven’t already, get involved with the local WordPress Community by joining the Portland WordPress Meetup group. You will be notified when events are added to the schedule. You can also ask questions of the members and get more involved.

There are currently four groups meeting in the Portland area.

  • Portland General WordPress Meetup: Held monthly, this meetup brings a speaker to the group to present on a WordPress topic. Open to all.
  • Portland Developer WordPress Meetup: Held monthly, this meetup is designed for intermediate to advanced WordPress users and developers, and features a topic to tickle your web programming fancy.
  • Vancouver WordPress Social Meetup: Held monthly in Vancouver, Washington, this is a social meetup where people bring their laptops and WordPress questions and get hands on help with their WordPress issues.
  • Beaverton WordPress Social Meetup: Like Vancouver, this is a hands-on help meetup that meets monthly in Beaverton, Oregon, to help WordPress users learn how to use WordPress better.

There are also WordPress meetups in Salem, and work is in process to get them going in Corvalis and Eugene. Would you like to start a local group in your area, just let the Portland WordPress Meetup group team know and we’ll help.

Need More WordCamp

Need a little more WordCamp? There is a WordCamp somewhere in the world almost every weekend of the year. Check out the list at WordCamp Central.

The first national event, WordCamp US, is in Philadelphia on December 4 through the weekend and there are over 2,000 people expected to attend. Tickets are going fast so get yours now. There are some people from Portland going, so maybe you can carpool or share a hotel. 😀

We are already wiping the powder sugar from the donuts off our faces and looking forward to WordCamp PDX 2016. If you want to get involved, join the WordPress Meetup Group in Portland to keep up with announcements and activities and be thinking ahead as to what you could present or how you might volunteer to make WordCamp PDX even better, though the bar was set high this year.

Speaker Videos and Presentation Notes

Check out the WordCamp Schedule on our site and look for the speaker you are interested in. We’re adding video links and presentation notes as fast as they are available.

You will find the videos on WordPress.tv as soon as they are up on the web.

Contributor to WordPress

WordPress isn’t developed by a bunch of people sitting in corporate cubes. It is maintained, supported, and developed by the WordPress Community, and that means you.

There are many ways to give back to WordPress. If you are a spelling and grammar cop on the web, you are wanted. If you are fluent in English and one or more languages, you’ve got a spot. If you know the ins and outs of customer service, support needs you. If you are an educator in WordPress, training wants you. If you can program a butterfly to fly around in a WordPress Theme, your programming skills are welcome.

Make WordPress is your first stop. Join one of the following groups based upon your skills.

And take this advice:

Thanks to Everyone for a Fantastic WordCamp PDX 2015

WordCamp PDX 205 is over and it is a resounding success. Wow!

The entire WordCamp volunteer team wants to first thank you, the participant, because we do this for you. It takes a lot of people and a lot of work, but we are happy when you are happy, when you enjoy the diversity of speakers, the facility, food, and camaraderie we work so hard to engineer.

Thank you for showing up, for participating, for helping when help was needed, and for making this an amazing WordCamp for all.

We have a few more people and groups to thank, too.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

WordCamp tickets are lower than any other one day event with such top notch speakers. This is due in part thanks to the WordPress Foundation and tremendous efforts of the Make WordPress Community team.

Most of all, thanks and much appreciation to our generous sponsors that went above and beyond to ensure WordCamp PDX is affordable for all.

WordCamp Thank You Instagram Image by Scott Sakamoto for WordCamp Portland.

Special thanks from Scott Sakamoto

One more round of applause to all of our wonderful sponsors:

Also, special appreciation goes to Brian Kidd for letting us use his likeness in the WordCamp PDX 2015 stickers.

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Speakers: WordPress Economy: Marketing, Community Building, and the Business of WordPress

This wouldn’t be a WordCamp without topics specific to learning how to use WordPress for content, design, and code. So far, we’ve covered a variety of speakers scheduled for WordCamp PDX 2015 including speakers on development topics and building non-profit sites. We’ve got some fantastic speakers who will take you on their own personal journey and offer tips and techniques to rock your WordPress site.

Community Building with WordPress

Luria PetrucciLuria Petrucci (aka Cali Lewis) is a leader in audio and video podcasting, Since 2005, she has worked with Samsung, Panasonic, Monster Cable, and others on video production, and developed several popular shows such as Geeks Life. She will be sharing Marketing Your WordPress Web Site with us in the afternoon, talking about how to use WordPress as a community and messaging platform to expand your reach. An expert in community building and social media, and marketing. She will show you how to do great things with WordPress and get people to your WordPress site for a greater impact.

A geek herself, she has long been the geek’s go-to person on modern technology and innovations. A long-time WordPress fan and WordCamp speaker, Luria has long been involved with WordPress and the WordPress Community, and just moved to Portland. We know she will help you share your passion with others on your WordPress site and learn how to build a community for yourself or clients. Continue reading Speakers: WordPress Economy: Marketing, Community Building, and the Business of WordPress

Speakers: Building WordPress Sites for Non-Profits

The theme of WordCamp PDX 2015 is about how WordPress is changing lives, a web publishing platform and tool used by 25% of the web. We are honored to have some amazing speakers talk about how WordPress is not just changing their lives, but changing the non-profit industry with the ease of web publishing and social media integration. To see when each are speaking, including those speaking on development topics, check out our schedule of events.

Designing and developing for the non-profit industry isn’t as easy as for a traditional business. While a traditional business site serves customers and the general public, a non-profit is often a community service funded by donations and grants, not income. Non-profits invest in causes not profits, often using as much income as possible directly for the cause and rarely for the website. Their websites are highly message-driven, directing people to the information they want and need, and their events and fundraising – often obeying idiosyncratic requirements set by the same donations and grant programs as well as the laws and standards for their industry dictating what they can and cannot do on the web.

Non-profit sites often have memberships or information available to subscribers. Some even require integration of databases to provide educational, research, and informational data within the WordPress site. The more information on a non-profit site, the more demand for usability testing, studies, and evaluations, designing and developing a needs-based site to serve the non-profit community.

Our speakers are well-versed and experienced in developing sites for a wide variety of non-profits. Whether or not you may ever work with a non-profit’s website, there is much for-profit sites can learn from the challenges and goals of non-profit sites in WordPress.

Designing and Developing WordPress Non-Profit Sites

Jocelyn Mozak PhotoJocelyn Mozak is the founder and owner of Mozak Design, and an Electrical Engineer turned web programmer and expert in developing non-profit sites in WordPress. She will be presenting “Helping Non-Profits Change The World With WordPress,” sharing stories and walking through the process and challenges of designing and developing non-profit websites with WordPress that transform the way their organizations work.

She will focus on online fundraising, membership systems, communication tools, video sharing, and a variety of WordPress Plugins and tools that help non-profits to harness WordPress to streamline their tasks, improve their fundraising experience, and keep their focus on their causes, thus continuing to change the world. Jocelyn says, “With WordPress, there is no limit to what they can do. We just need to show them the opportunities.”

Serving a Community with a WordPress Non-Profit Site

marc benzakeinMarc Benzakein will speak about “From Homeless to Hopeful,” on his work building community sites for the homeless and to help troubled children, many struggling after their families fell apart. Marc lives in Wisconsin and is Manager of Operations at ServerPress, which develops DestopServer, software for web design and development workflows.

His community work has changed the lives of many by using WordPress not only as a publishing platform but communication tool. We hope that you will learn about how WordPress can be used to change lives as well. Continue reading Speakers: Building WordPress Sites for Non-Profits

Speakers: Developers Challenge Our WordPress Way of Thinking

WordCamp PDX 2015 has an amazing round-up of speakers on the schedule. If you are a developer and determined to take WordPress to the next level under the hood and through the front end, here are some speakers that should be catching your eye on Saturday.

WordPress Themes

Alex MansfieldAlex Mansfield will be presenting on Building Extensible Themes With Hooks And Filters, ideal for the intermediate to advanced WordPress user and developer. Alex will take you to the middle ground in WordPress theme development using hooks and filters along with page template files to build a quick and easy framework for WordPress Themes, modified on a per-use basis for flexibility. With almost a decade of WordPress experience to share, bring plenty of questions and be ready to learn.

He warns that familiarity with WordPress Theme development and PHP are essential to be able to walk out of the talk with a smile on your face and future plans already in motion in your head.

WordPress Security

Ben Martin PhotoBen Martin is a Security Analyst and Remediation Lead at Sucuri. His presentation is Why Security Matters, guaranteed to shake up your thinking about an issue confronting all of us on the web today. He will be talking about the how and why WordPress sites are attacked and how to improve the security of your WordPress site. He spends his day playing with malware to make the Internet a safer place and helping others keep their sites safe.

Security isn’t something you can just wish away or assume happens to the other guys. Every site on the web is assaulted daily, and you are a click away from something nasty on the web, so get this talk on your schedule to feel a little safer when you walk home after WordCamp in the…dark. Continue reading Speakers: Developers Challenge Our WordPress Way of Thinking

What You Need to Know for WordCamp PDX 2015

WordCamp PDX will be here in less than 48 hours!

The following should answer all your questions about everything you need to know about attending WordCamp PDX 2015.

Where is it?

Eliot Center in downtown Portland, just off I-5 on the corner of SW Salmon and SW 13th Avenue. The address is:

1034 SW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

The entrance is on Salmon Street.

When is it?

  • Date: Saturday, October 24, 2015, all day
  • Registration: 8:00AM
  • Conference Starts: 9:00AM
  • Lunch: approximately 1:00PM
  • End: approximately 6PM
  • After-Party: 6:30PM

For more details, see our Schedule of events and speakers.
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Join the Local WordPress Community at a WordPress Meetup

WordPress Meetup - 10th Anniversary Part at PDX Green Dragon

PDX WordPress Meetup celebrates the 10th Anniversary of WordPress at the Green Dragon 2013

WordCamps bring together WordPress users from around the region annually. But the WordPress Community energy and activities don’t stop there. Oregon has a very active WordPress Community and we invite you to join us.

There are two types of meetups in the area. One type is the more structured meetup featuring a guest presenter on a WordPress topic. The downtown PDX WordPress Meetups typically follow that format.

The other is a social meetup where there isn’t a lecture or presentation on a WordPress topic but a quick Q&A session then everyone breaks out their laptops and we start working together to solve your WordPress issues. We often divide up into groups for those interested in general discussions on WordPress Basics, WordPress Content/Writing, SEO/Marketing/Social Media, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, Servers, and Security. Individuals get the help they need and others can learn from each other about the areas that interest them.

Sunday, October 18, 2015, is your first opportunity to get to know others in the WordPress Community with the Vancouver WordPress Social Meetup at Clark College from 4-7PM.

Monday, October 19, from 7-9PM is the Beaverton WordPress Social Meetup. Bring your laptops, mice, passwords, and questions or answers to help everyone learn more about how WordPress works to the Beaverton Community Center.

Both of these are social meetups, so bring your laptops, mice, passwords, and be ready to get the help you need with WordPress or help others.

Kronda speaks at WordPress MeetupThe next PDX WordPress Meetup is scheduled for November on a Monday, and we’re going to have an amazing speaker. Details are still in the works, so join the PDX WordPress Meetup group to receive notifications the moment the event is set.

RSVP registrations are appreciated, especially as some meetings have a limited capacity and there is often a waiting list. Continue reading Join the Local WordPress Community at a WordPress Meetup

Secure Sponsorship with Sucuri Security

Another sponsor! Welcome Sucuri to our exciting WordCamp Sponsor club.

Many WordPress sites have been saved before and after a security issue by Sucuri. They offer years of experience in researching the latest and emerging web threats to all sites including WordPress.

Running one or more WordPress sites, especially client sites, security is an issue foremost on the minds of most web designers, developers, and administrators. Too many sites are random or direct targets of hackers. Estimates are that every website in the world gets an average of 300 attacks every day, including yours. WordPress does what it can, as do the underlying technologies, but services like Sucuri can help strength the security of your website.

For everyone, Sucuri offers their popular free Sucuri Site Check that tests your site for malware and security issues. For self-hosted WordPress sites, check out the Sucuri Security WordPress Plugin.

StickerGiant Stuck as a New Sponsor

StickerGiant WordCamp PDX 2015 Sticker on Box.We’d like to welcome StickerGiant to our exciting WordCamp Sponsor club!

StickerGiant prints quality custom stickers and labels quickly, often with 24-hour turn around. They have amazing customer service, determined to get you the stickers you need before you need them.

We have many sticker fans in the WordPress Community covering their laptops and cases with colorful and bright stickers. StickerGiant has sponsored over 100 WordCamps around the world, and we are honored to have them not only produce our beautiful WordCamp PDX stickers this year, but also to have them on board as a sponsor.

Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word Timeline and History

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress and founder of Automattic and WordPress.com, gives an annual “State of the Word” presentation at many WordCamps as he travels the world. He won’t be speaking at this WordCamp PDX, though he has at many in the past.

To help you catch up with the history of WordPress, founded in 2003, we’ve put together a timeline of videos of Matt’s annual State of the Word talks. Unfortunately, we are still looking for videos from 2007 and 2008.

State of the Word, WordCamp San Francisco 2007

The WordCamp San Francisco 2007 State of the Word is on Viddler and in an old Flash version. Until a more secure version of the original video is found, here is the WordCamp Argentina 2007 keynote by Matt Mullenweg featuring slides from the San Francisco State of the Word.

For more information, see WordCamp Argentina 2007. Continue reading Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word Timeline and History