Secure Sponsorship with Sucuri Security

Another sponsor! Welcome Sucuri to our exciting WordCamp Sponsor club.

Many WordPress sites have been saved before and after a security issue by Sucuri. They offer years of experience in researching the latest and emerging web threats to all sites including WordPress.

Running one or more WordPress sites, especially client sites, security is an issue foremost on the minds of most web designers, developers, and administrators. Too many sites are random or direct targets of hackers. Estimates are that every website in the world gets an average of 300 attacks every day, including yours. WordPress does what it can, as do the underlying technologies, but services like Sucuri can help strength the security of your website.

For everyone, Sucuri offers their popular free Sucuri Site Check that tests your site for malware and security issues. For self-hosted WordPress sites, check out the Sucuri Security WordPress Plugin.