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The Story of the New Building a WordPress site in 2015

US Chess is a nonprofit that governs the rules of sanctioned chess tournament game play and fields the U.S. national team in tournaments like the World Cup of Chess and the Chess Olympics. The organization has over 80,000 active, dues-paying members, officially ranks all sanctioned tournament players, and maintains a historical database of every chess piece movement, in every game, in every rated tournament, for the past 4 decades.

Hear stories of mistakes, lessons learned, and successes from the relaunch of this year. The project will illustrate 2015’s best practices for using WordPress to modernize a unique, mission critical website.

This will be a mostly non-technical talk surveying aspects of managing and executing on large projects, and adapting WordPress to meet complex, custom needs. It should appeal to novice and experienced developers, strategists, writers, marketers, and project managers.