Luria Petrucci (aka Cali Lewis)

Luria Petrucci, the video host formerly known as Cali Lewis, was a pioneer in the podcasting world and has been producing and hosting video since 2005. With 2 million social media followers, she’s worked with Samsung, Panasonic, Verizon FiOS, Monster Cable, Bausch + Lomb and more, all while creating her own content with an amazing team and vibrant community! She recently moved production from Dallas to Portland. It already feels more like home than any other city she’s lived in!

She’s the founder of Geeks Life, where you can find How To’s and Reviews on all kinds of geeky topics from technology to food to gaming and entertainment! She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge with the world and helping others to succeed faster and better! She and the Geeks Life team offer training courses for anyone who wants to better themselves and learn how create great audio and video with ease, market your podcast and make it a business!


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