Speakers: WordPress Economy: Marketing, Community Building, and the Business of WordPress

This wouldn’t be a WordCamp without topics specific to learning how to use WordPress for content, design, and code. So far, we’ve covered a variety of speakers scheduled for WordCamp PDX 2015 including speakers on development topics and building non-profit sites. We’ve got some fantastic speakers who will take you on their own personal journey and offer tips and techniques to rock your WordPress site.

Community Building with WordPress

Luria PetrucciLuria Petrucci (aka Cali Lewis) is a leader in audio and video podcasting, Since 2005, she has worked with Samsung, Panasonic, Monster Cable, and others on video production, and developed several popular shows such as Geeks Life. She will be sharing Marketing Your WordPress Web Site with us in the afternoon, talking about how to use WordPress as a community and messaging platform to expand your reach. An expert in community building and social media, and marketing. She will show you how to do great things with WordPress and get people to your WordPress site for a greater impact.

A geek herself, she has long been the geek’s go-to person on modern technology and innovations. A long-time WordPress fan and WordCamp speaker, Luria has long been involved with WordPress and the WordPress Community, and just moved to Portland. We know she will help you share your passion with others on your WordPress site and learn how to build a community for yourself or clients. Continue reading Speakers: WordPress Economy: Marketing, Community Building, and the Business of WordPress

Speakers: Building WordPress Sites for Non-Profits

The theme of WordCamp PDX 2015 is about how WordPress is changing lives, a web publishing platform and tool used by 25% of the web. We are honored to have some amazing speakers talk about how WordPress is not just changing their lives, but changing the non-profit industry with the ease of web publishing and social media integration. To see when each are speaking, including those speaking on development topics, check out our schedule of events.

Designing and developing for the non-profit industry isn’t as easy as for a traditional business. While a traditional business site serves customers and the general public, a non-profit is often a community service funded by donations and grants, not income. Non-profits invest in causes not profits, often using as much income as possible directly for the cause and rarely for the website. Their websites are highly message-driven, directing people to the information they want and need, and their events and fundraising – often obeying idiosyncratic requirements set by the same donations and grant programs as well as the laws and standards for their industry dictating what they can and cannot do on the web.

Non-profit sites often have memberships or information available to subscribers. Some even require integration of databases to provide educational, research, and informational data within the WordPress site. The more information on a non-profit site, the more demand for usability testing, studies, and evaluations, designing and developing a needs-based site to serve the non-profit community.

Our speakers are well-versed and experienced in developing sites for a wide variety of non-profits. Whether or not you may ever work with a non-profit’s website, there is much for-profit sites can learn from the challenges and goals of non-profit sites in WordPress.

Designing and Developing WordPress Non-Profit Sites

Jocelyn Mozak PhotoJocelyn Mozak is the founder and owner of Mozak Design, and an Electrical Engineer turned web programmer and expert in developing non-profit sites in WordPress. She will be presenting “Helping Non-Profits Change The World With WordPress,” sharing stories and walking through the process and challenges of designing and developing non-profit websites with WordPress that transform the way their organizations work.

She will focus on online fundraising, membership systems, communication tools, video sharing, and a variety of WordPress Plugins and tools that help non-profits to harness WordPress to streamline their tasks, improve their fundraising experience, and keep their focus on their causes, thus continuing to change the world. Jocelyn says, “With WordPress, there is no limit to what they can do. We just need to show them the opportunities.”

Serving a Community with a WordPress Non-Profit Site

marc benzakeinMarc Benzakein will speak about “From Homeless to Hopeful,” on his work building community sites for the homeless and to help troubled children, many struggling after their families fell apart. Marc lives in Wisconsin and is Manager of Operations at ServerPress, which develops DestopServer, software for web design and development workflows.

His community work has changed the lives of many by using WordPress not only as a publishing platform but communication tool. We hope that you will learn about how WordPress can be used to change lives as well. Continue reading Speakers: Building WordPress Sites for Non-Profits