WordCamp is Over. What’s Next?

WordCamp PDX 2015 is over and the story is just beginning.

If you haven’t already, get involved with the local WordPress Community by joining the Portland WordPress Meetup group. You will be notified when events are added to the schedule. You can also ask questions of the members and get more involved.

There are currently four groups meeting in the Portland area.

  • Portland General WordPress Meetup: Held monthly, this meetup brings a speaker to the group to present on a WordPress topic. Open to all.
  • Portland Developer WordPress Meetup: Held monthly, this meetup is designed for intermediate to advanced WordPress users and developers, and features a topic to tickle your web programming fancy.
  • Vancouver WordPress Social Meetup: Held monthly in Vancouver, Washington, this is a social meetup where people bring their laptops and WordPress questions and get hands on help with their WordPress issues.
  • Beaverton WordPress Social Meetup: Like Vancouver, this is a hands-on help meetup that meets monthly in Beaverton, Oregon, to help WordPress users learn how to use WordPress better.

There are also WordPress meetups in Salem, and work is in process to get them going in Corvalis and Eugene. Would you like to start a local group in your area, just let the Portland WordPress Meetup group team know and we’ll help.

Need More WordCamp

Need a little more WordCamp? There is a WordCamp somewhere in the world almost every weekend of the year. Check out the list at WordCamp Central.

The first national event, WordCamp US, is in Philadelphia on December 4 through the weekend and there are over 2,000 people expected to attend. Tickets are going fast so get yours now. There are some people from Portland going, so maybe you can carpool or share a hotel. 😀

We are already wiping the powder sugar from the donuts off our faces and looking forward to WordCamp PDX 2016. If you want to get involved, join the WordPress Meetup Group in Portland to keep up with announcements and activities and be thinking ahead as to what you could present or how you might volunteer to make WordCamp PDX even better, though the bar was set high this year.

Speaker Videos and Presentation Notes

Check out the WordCamp Schedule on our site and look for the speaker you are interested in. We’re adding video links and presentation notes as fast as they are available.

You will find the videos on WordPress.tv as soon as they are up on the web.

Contributor to WordPress

WordPress isn’t developed by a bunch of people sitting in corporate cubes. It is maintained, supported, and developed by the WordPress Community, and that means you.

There are many ways to give back to WordPress. If you are a spelling and grammar cop on the web, you are wanted. If you are fluent in English and one or more languages, you’ve got a spot. If you know the ins and outs of customer service, support needs you. If you are an educator in WordPress, training wants you. If you can program a butterfly to fly around in a WordPress Theme, your programming skills are welcome.

Make WordPress is your first stop. Join one of the following groups based upon your skills.

And take this advice:

Join the Local WordPress Community at a WordPress Meetup

WordPress Meetup - 10th Anniversary Part at PDX Green Dragon

PDX WordPress Meetup celebrates the 10th Anniversary of WordPress at the Green Dragon 2013

WordCamps bring together WordPress users from around the region annually. But the WordPress Community energy and activities don’t stop there. Oregon has a very active WordPress Community and we invite you to join us.

There are two types of meetups in the area. One type is the more structured meetup featuring a guest presenter on a WordPress topic. The downtown PDX WordPress Meetups typically follow that format.

The other is a social meetup where there isn’t a lecture or presentation on a WordPress topic but a quick Q&A session then everyone breaks out their laptops and we start working together to solve your WordPress issues. We often divide up into groups for those interested in general discussions on WordPress Basics, WordPress Content/Writing, SEO/Marketing/Social Media, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, Servers, and Security. Individuals get the help they need and others can learn from each other about the areas that interest them.

Sunday, October 18, 2015, is your first opportunity to get to know others in the WordPress Community with the Vancouver WordPress Social Meetup at Clark College from 4-7PM.

Monday, October 19, from 7-9PM is the Beaverton WordPress Social Meetup. Bring your laptops, mice, passwords, and questions or answers to help everyone learn more about how WordPress works to the Beaverton Community Center.

Both of these are social meetups, so bring your laptops, mice, passwords, and be ready to get the help you need with WordPress or help others.

Kronda speaks at WordPress MeetupThe next PDX WordPress Meetup is scheduled for November on a Monday, and we’re going to have an amazing speaker. Details are still in the works, so join the PDX WordPress Meetup group to receive notifications the moment the event is set.

RSVP registrations are appreciated, especially as some meetings have a limited capacity and there is often a waiting list. Continue reading Join the Local WordPress Community at a WordPress Meetup